4 September 2008
Encouragement of cooperation between local government and central institutions onwards

10 july 2008
Interim SAA monitoring report issued

4 july 2008
Transformation of “Besa” Foundation underway

27 june 2008
National conference organized on community organization issues and models

26-27 june 2008
Training seminar held with local government bodies on profits from EU funds

17 june 2008
First report on government efforts to re-build Gërdec issued

13 june 2008
Second 2008 state budget monitorin report published

10 june 2008
Regional project on visa facilitation for Western Balkans introduced

6 may 2008
Round table on transparency in education and promotion of
teacher code of ethics

22 april 2008
Round table on state budget monitoring

14 april 2008
Cooperation practices between business and civil society promoted

29 march 2008
Free legal aid for the inhabitants of Gërdec

20 march 2008
Aid to individuals displaced due to
Gërdec tragedy

13 march 2008
Lobbying on the law on the right to information under way

15 february 2008
Public presentation of the recommending document on the electoral reform

26 january 2008
Lobbing and advocacy on encouragement of social inclusion

November 2007
Training courses on participatory governance

5 November 2007
Third report on monitoring the Assembly activity presented

2 November 2007
American University in Bulgaria evening with high school students

1 November 2007
Monitoring of commitments
deriving from the SAA

18 October 2007
Survey on European Integration issues

15-19 October 2007
Team training and supplement production on European Integration

15 October 2007
International Conference on public urban spaces in Albania

12 October 2007
National conference on strategic privatizations

5 October 2007
New draft-law against discrimination proposed

15 September 2007
Dialogue required on government-proposed amendment to law on non-profit organizations

14 September 2007
Activities on the draft-law on electoral reform

3 August 2007
Students and public life

20 July 2007
Debating the law regarding publishing and the copyright

11 July 2007
Debating some amendments of the law on the right for information

10 July 2007
Presentation of the project for a sharing budget

29 June 2007
Increasing the management capacity of the municipality and involvement of citizens in the decision-taking process

25 June 2007
Amendment proposal for the law 8503 regarding the right for information

21 June 2007
The employment of students graduated abroad in the public administration

30 May 2007
Dialog civil society - government aiming at the reduction of informality

11 May 2007
Second report on the activity of Albanian Parliament is published

4 April 2007
Memorandum of the farmers for exports complying European standards

29 March 2007
Monitoring of the parliamentary process of drafts law debating

28 March 2007
The civil society is in favor of the creation of a state committee against blood feud

16 March 2007
Monitoring of the migration strategy

26 February 2007
Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding

18-20 February 2007
Parallel counting of votes

13 February 2007
The Civil Society demands the relaxation of conflictuality of the election campaign

3 February 2007
Local elections 2007 online by the MJAFT Movement

30 January 2007
Seminar on “Improving public transportation in the region of Tirana”

23 Janauary 2007
Memorandum of civil society to protect its own constitutional rights

18 January 2007
Call of the civil society for a civilized election campaign

22 December 2007
Winners announced for the “Public-private partnership” contest

19 December 2006
Workshop "Albania's Interim Agreement with the EU and its effects on the Albanian Business"

1 December 2006
Debate of the civil society about
the new draft law concerning the State Police

21 November 2006
Presenting the findings of the survey “Albania and the EU – Perceptions and Realities”

18 November 2006
The Conference “Albania and Greece – Mutual perceptions”

6-10 November 2006
Seminar on the challenges of European Integration

3 November 2006
Debate about book policies in the countries of Western Balkans

3 November 2006
AUBG closes recruitment ceremony with fourth-grade students of high schools in Tirana

1 November 2006

Organization that builds school
wins case against Albanian government

14 October 2006
Standards in pre-university education

10 October 2006

Presentation of the monitoring report ivote.com - January-July 2006

16 September 2006

Historical turns and the return of memory

10 July 2008

After the first public appearance in November of 2007, the Open Society Foundation for Albania has published recently the interim report for 2008. In June, this report was also submitted to the EU authorities in Brussels.

The report is a contribution of a group of experts that have monitored the work of the Albanian government in the European integration process during the period from October 2007 until March 2008. The monitoring process was focused in four main directions: democracy and the rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, home affairs and the institutional framework and administrative capacities on the management of the European integration process.

For the first direction, experts observe that despite the existence of a climate of consensus on the approval of the 87 laws and ratification of the international conventions, the government has not reported in the Assembly on the Council of Europe’s report of 6 November 2007. This period is characterized by the inflation of establishment of parliamentary investigatory groups, delays in the electoral reform, where the most concerning issue was the failure to draft the national register and the ID cards, weak performance of the public administration, still low standards in the justice system, lack of the monitoring instruments in the fight against corruption as well as clashes of competencies between the central and local government bodies in the decentralization process.

For the second direction, experts identify the lack of applicability by Albania of the European Court judgments, maltreatment of the detained suspects by the police, the lack of implementation of access to justice and in particular violation of the rights of the convicts for proceeding with the judgment of the case by the High Court, lack of protection systems for the people in need and the ones with limited abilities, updating of the statistical data on minorities and the slow speed of implementation of the Roma People Protection Strategy.

In respect to home affairs, the OSFA experts submitted progresses and problems that have to do with the visa policy, asylum seeking, migration, readmission, integrated border management, personal data protection, organized crime and traffics, fight against drugs, prevention of money laundering, fight against terrorism and efficiency in the police work.

The institutional framework and the administrative capacities on management of the European integration process, according to the experts, is still problematic. The periodic reports of the Albanian government addressed to the Council of Europe are prepared by the Ministry of European Integration are not made public and are not approved by the Council of Ministers or another higher administrative structure. Also, it results that the Assembly does not exert a supervisory role in this process and that the government has prepared no report for this purpose. The technical taskforce committee on the SAA implementation has been convened only once, units of European integration have been established only in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Environment, while in six ministries there is only one specialist that deals with the European integration issues.

The final report for 2008 is planned to be issued at the end of October.