13 February 2007
The Civil Society demands the relaxation of conflictuality of the election campaign

3 February 2007
Local elections 2007 online by the MJAFT Movement

30 January 2007
Seminar on “Improving public transportation in the region of Tirana”

23 Janauary 2007
Memorandum of civil society to protect its own constitutional rights

18 January 2007
Call of the civil society for a civilized election campaign

22 December 2007
Winners announced for the “Public-private partnership” contest

19 December 2006
Workshop "Albania's Interim Agreement with the EU and its effects on the Albanian Business"

1 December 2006
Debate of the civil society about
the new draft law concerning the State Police

21 November 2006
Presenting the findings of the survey “Albania and the EU – Perceptions and Realities”

18 November 2006
The Conference “Albania and Greece – Mutual perceptions”

6-10 November 2006
Seminar on the challenges of European Integration

3 November 2006
Debate about book policies in the countries of Western Balkans

3 November 2006
AUBG closes recruitment ceremony with fourth-grade students of high schools in Tirana

1 November 2006

Organization that builds school
wins case against Albanian government

14 October 2006
Standards in pre-university education

10 October 2006

Presentation of the monitoring report ivote.com - January-July 2006

16 September 2006

Historical turns and the return of memory

3 November 2006

On the evening of 3 November 2006, fourth grade students of the high schools in Tirana, representatives of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) and of the Foundation for Open Society for Albania gathered at the premises of Hotel Mondial on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the recruiting campaign for enrollments with AUBG. The campaign lasted one week. During this time exchange events were held with the participation of students in the fourth grade in nine secondary schools in Tirana. The campaign focused on the possibility of obtaining an AUBG scholarship and on how to apply for admission at this university. The American University in Bulgaria is a higher education bilingual institution teaching the following programs:  American Studies; Economics; Business Administration; Computer Science; English language; History; Journalism; Political Science; International relations; European Studies and Mathematics.

Click here for the call for applications

Click here for an introduction to the university