One of OSI’s regional initiatives, the East-East program, is an instrument to foster cooperation among the countries of the region. The process of European integration for countries of Eastern Europe (post-communist) has come to require regional approaches, which incorporate region wide perspectives and goals to create international initiatives that work to produce development and progress. The East East program brings together individuals and institutions from the Central and Eastern Europe to exchange experiences, establish dialogue and build ideas for social progress.

Priority importance under the program will go to:

Community development
The field includes local government development, strengthening the third sector, improving social service delivery and providing assistance to the vulnerable people and marginalized groups of the society.

Discussion of EU integration issues
These issues are perceived through the optics of inter-regional integration and are materialized through cross border cooperational projects.

Change of mind-set
This direction is to be realized through encouraging dialogue among people in the various spheres of life, especially in the media, NGO-s and through constant communication and exchanges among/between academic communities.

Strengthening civil society
The civil society is strengthened through providing support for exchange programs between/among NGO-s to give them the opportunity to gain from the experience of neighboring countries and to seek new solutions to the cultural and ethnical frictions of their transitional societies.

The activities supported under the East East Program require partnerships with organizations and institutions in other countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

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