The scholarship program is among OSFA’s important programs since the year 1993. Presently, the program is implemented as part of the OSI Regional Scholarship Program which offers undergraduate and graduate study scholarships. The main goal of the program is to train capable specialists in the various fields of development in the life of countries like Albania.

The Open Society Foundation for Albania serves as the interface between applicants and the OSI Scholarship Program. Applicants submit the required documentation to the OSFA scholarship coordinator within the deadlines. From here, applications are sent for review and selection to OSI and the relevant educational institutions.

The scholarship Program offers:

  1. undergraduate scholarships
  2. graduate scholarships at Master’s and PhD level
  3. supplementary scholarships
  4. research and visiting scholarships for short term assignments.


The links below provide detailed information:


Undergraduate Scholarships

The AmericanUniversity in Bulgaria

Soros and the American University of Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad offer every academic year, full and partial scholarships to attend the four year studies in this university.

The fields of study include: American studies, Economics, Business Administration, Computer Science, English language, History, Journalism, Political science, International Relations, European Studies, Mathematics.

Details on the future round of applications will be announced on shortly.


Graduate scholarships

The Soros Foundation offers graduate scholarships according to two main pillars:

1. the CEU Program (the Central European University)
2. the OSI/FCO Program (Chevening scholarship program)

1. The CEU Scholarship Program

The Central European University – CEU – was established in 1993 in Budapest by George Soros. The Soros Foundation and the CEU offer every year graduate scholarships at the level of Masters and PhD in the following fields:

Economics (MA/PhD); Environmental Science (MS/PhD); Gender Studies (MA/PhD); International Relations and European Studies (MA); Law (LLM, MA, SJD); Mathematics (PhD); Medieval Studies (MA/PhD); Nationalism (MA); Philosophy (MA); Political Science (MA/PhD); Social Anthropology and Sociology )MA)/PhD0; Business (MBA,IMM).


2. The OSI/FCO Scholarships

OSI/FCO Chevening Scholarship is a joint program of OSI and the Foreign Commonwealth Office. The Program offers scholarships in the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex and Staffordshire mainly in the humanities and social sciences.


Oxford University

Details of the new round of applications will be announced in the fall of 2006

Every academic year the Program offers scholarships for post university studies of varying durations at the University of Oxford. The types of scholarships are described below:

  1. Nine month post university research scholarship at the University of Oxford

The scholarship is offered to researchers who have completed PhD-s in their countries of origin. Fields of research include: humanities and social sciences, environmental sciences, public health and medical sciences. The scholarship does not allow the applicants to register for a degree program at this university.

  1. One year Master’s scholarship at the University of Oxford

The scholarship is offered to do studies in the following fields:
Hebrew studies; Comparative European Law; Comparative Social Policies; Social and Economic History; Environmental Management; Social Anthropology; Economic Development; Sociology; Byzantine Studies; General Linguistics and Comparative Philology; European Literature; Latin-Greek Language and Literature, Modern Hebrew Studies, Modern History, Oriental Studies, Philosophical Theology, Philosophy, Theology; Slavic Studies, Gender Studies.


Cambridge University Scholarships

The Open Society Institute based in Budapest and the Foreign Commonwealth Office Overseas Trust offer every year scholarships for Albanian students with high academic results to give them the opportunity to study for one year at graduate level mainly in the humanities and social programs of the University of Cambridge. The programs of study covered by scholarships include: Criminology; Development Studies; Education Management; English and Applied Linguistics; History Studies; Science History and Philosophy; International Relations; Law; Management Studies; Philosophy; Political Thought and Intellectual History; Social Anthropology.  


Sussex University

The Open Society Foundation for Albanian every year invites applications for graduate studies at Master’s level at the University of Sussex. The scholarships are financed by the Open Society Institute, the Foreign Commonwealth Office and the University of Sussex.

The fields of study are: European Studies and European Anthropology.


Staffordshire University Distance Learning PhD/Economics

The Open Society Institute and the Staffordshire University invite every academic year applications for scholarships to enroll for distance learning programs at the Staffordshire University. Studies are at the Master’s level with duration of l-2 years and at PHD level for a duration of 4 years. The Program offers the possibility to spend part of the time at the University of Staffordshire to attend courses and gain credit points while researching issues of interest. Following their period of stay in Staffordshire, the candidate may alternate by staying in his country and attending lessons on line.


Supplementary Scholarships

The regional scholarship program based in Budapest, through the Office of the Soros Foundation in Tirana offers an additional two programs to assist Albanian students in Easter countries universities   and those who attend post graduate PhD programs in universities in Western countries, North America, Asia and Australia.


  1. Global Supplementary Grant Program

This program offers a one year scholarship to the Albanian scholars registered for PhD programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences in one of the accredited universities of Western Europe, Asia, Australia or North America.

  1. Soros Supplementary Grants

The Open Society Foundation for Albania – Soros- and the Open Society Institute invite interested students to apply for Soros supplementary grants. This program offers supplementary grants to students already attending accredited programs in accredited European Universities. The purpose of the program is to provide partial financial aid to cover part of the tuition fee, accommodation expenses, insurance costs etc.


Short term scholarships (taught programs or research)

Special and Extension Programs at the Central European University
In addition to the post graduate programs in the various fields described above, the CEU offers two special short term programs for faculty specializing mainly in the humanities and social sciences:

CEU Summer School
Avery academic year CEU offers scholarships to attend the summer schools organized by the university. The summer school programs usually concentrate on: Anthropology – Cultural Studies; Anthropology and History; Culture and Art Studies; Economy (agriculture and rural economy); International Studies; Legal Studies; Medieval Studies and History; Nationalism; Philosophy; Political Science; Public Policy.

Curriculum Resource Center – Spring and Fall Sessions
The Open Society Foundation for Albania and the Curriculum Resource Center at the University of Central Europe invite applications for spring and fall sessions on curriculum improvement in the humanities and social sciences.

Oxford University
Three month research scholarships to do research in the applied social sciences at the University of Oxford are offered for employees of governmental institutions and public policy centers wishing to conduct research for projects they are interested to implement as a contribution to the improvement of the operations of such institutions and centers.

Oxford/Cambridge Colleges Hospitality Scheme
The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge jointly with the Open Society Institute invite applications from candidates in Eastern and Central Europe and Former Soviet Republics wishing to use the libraries of these two universities and consult with specialists of the same field.

The programs offer one month visits in one of the Oxford colleges during the summer.