The essence of the Program is to assist with improving human capacities to carry forward the country’s reformation efforts and development steps. However, capacity building has remained a priority with many international organizations which assist Albania to grow into a fully fledged democracy. Therefore, OSFA joined forces with UNDP and IOM to underwrite the validity of such interventions by providing greater coordination and maximize the value of investments made over the years.

The new intervention planned by the three organizations mentioned above proposes three, but closely connected and inter-related components:

1. Private sector growth
2. Capacity building
3. Support for social capital in the country

The third component represents the OSFA designed and funded approach which in itself comprises three main pillars:

- Creation of social capital in some of the key ministries
Nucleuses of previously supported OSFA fellows will be encouraged to increase their contribution to the success of reforms by providing them with professional development incentives

- Provision of technical assistance in key areas of reform
As the Stabilization and Association Agreement has been signed, its implementation will require high-level capacities and skills in areas which are new to the country’s public administration. OSFA will provide for technical assistance in some of the most vital areas as the country progresses with its EU efforts.

- Creation of a favorable legal and institutional framework for returnees of studies abroad. The program will provide assistance for the simplification of legal procedures which will enable the integration into the country’s life of those returning from their studies abroad.

Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Integration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Municipality of Tirana