To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise on European Integration issues, under the East East Program, the European Integration Subprogram was created. The subprogram is designed to support cross regional cooperation between/among the various actors of civil society for the purpose of bringing know-how from EU member countries to the structures responsible for EU integration in the aspiring countries. Priority in the subprogram is given to cooperation among accession countries, the candidate and potential candidate countries as well as the Easters neighbor countries of the EU. The program is designed to generate high levels of public awareness, encouragement of public debates and establishment of dialogue between/among countries in the region, etc.

The subprogram is dedicated to supporting initiatives fostering open society values particularly those intended to:
- accelerate EU integration processes;
- foster cooperation between civil societies and public administrations in the countries of the region;
- monitor democratization as a precondition for EU integration.

The sub program will pay special heed to cross border and international project that:
- encourage the public and civil society to enter into dialogue about EU integrating policies;
- mobilize governments into European integration action and promote EU’s opening up for new members;
- stimulate public interest in new accession countries to galvanize relations with candidate/neighbor/potential countries;
- encourage consortiums by civil society organizations to facilitate access to EU funds by their eastern counterparts.

The subprogram is open for applications from the countries of Albania, Poland, Kosova, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova and Ukraine.

How to apply
Applications are accepted on a year round basis. The program will be implemented as part of the East East Program based on a two step procedure.

Phase one: Project concept
The goal and objectives of the proposal should be described into a one page (A4 format). The concept will be initially assessed by the local foundations according to instructions developed by the East East Program. Should it be favorably rated locally, the proposal is submitted to the East East Program Headquarter which consults the idea with OSI Brussels.

Phase two: Implementation/Action Plan
The initial concept serves as the basis for the full development of the project. Following approval by the Network program, the East East Program coordinator at the local foundation asks the applying organization to present a full fledged proposal and detailed action plan.