The project on drafting a University Code of Ethics represents an initiative from the University of Elbasan. Its implementation drew the professional support and funding of the Open Society Foundation – Soros – Albania. The objective of the project is to strengthen democracy in the universities and higher education institutions in Albania.

The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the entirety of rules to be implemented in every institution and in the case of universities it particularly defines the standards of conduct of higher education staff in accordance with legal and moral requirements in a democratic society.

Along with quality and professional standards, the academic communities should respect ethical standards, too. The implementation of such standards is believed to increase the levels of responsibility on the part of academic and administrative staff as well as the elected forums in higher education institutions with regard to reducing abusive practices, improve internal communication, increase work satisfaction and strengthen the trust of university communities in the leaders of their institutions.

The drafting of the Code of Ethics benefited from the research of a wide range of models taken from European and American universities.

OSFA provided consultancy and funding for the initiative. Part of the funding was used to acquire foreign expertise to review the code and provide feedback and input.