Albania has been using mid term budget frameworks from the year 2001. This new financial instrument was followed by the design of several mid and long term development strategies and programs (sectoral and regional strategies) which culminated in the drafting of national development documents such as the National Strategy on Social and Economic Development, the Decentralization Strategy, etc. One of the main goals of the Mid Term Budget Framework is to match strategic priorities with funding resources. Also, interest groups will be encouraged to cooperate among/between them in order to make sure that public funds are managed effectively, transparently and address the needs of the citizens.

Among other objectives in the project are: Increase transparency, responsibility and accountancy of public resource management including finances; promote the participation of local communities in decision making processes related to public finances; reduce corruptive practices and various political trafficking of influences over budget drafting; strengthen the capacities of civil society/interest groups to encourage their pro-active participation in the management of public funds especially in the monitoring and assessment of public expenditures.

The main beneficiaries of the project are the vulnerable and the marginalized, local communities, civil society and local governments.