Central and local level public administrations in Albania are facing a number of challenges relating to decentralization, civic participation in governance; increase of the transparency of their workings vis-à-vis the public, etc. These challenges form the essence of the Soros three year strategy on Good Governance in Albania. Some of the main objectives under this strategy are:

- putting in place an open, participatory, effective and efficient process of policy and law making;
- putting constant pressure to bear on the authorities for fair trail proceedings and access to justice;
- increasing civic participation in governance through the deepening of decentralization processes.

Part of these objectives forms the axis of projects implemented by NOSA partners such as Co-Plan, Institute of Contemporary Studies, Institute of International Studies, etc. OSFA is directly involved in issues relating to:

• Monitoring of governmental budgets and strategies;
• Increasing the transparency of public institutions;
• Advocating for certain issues and pressuring for change;
• Strengthening the capacities of local government units and of civil society organizations.