Student advising is a new service in its first steps in Albania’s universities. Upon completion of secondary education, Albanian adolescents have little opportunities of obtaining information with regard to possible choices for college studies. Often they make their educational choices under pressure from parents, the influence of their peers or they simply decide in absence of the necessary information. The same odds face even the candidates wishing to pursue studies in foreign universities. They have difficulty in orienting themselves in the choices available, in applying for financial aid, fulfilling application requirements, go through with the various tests and often when they are not able to find adequate help, they give up or stray in the choices they make.

OSFA has concluded Memorandums of Understanding with the Universities in the country to make the services of Student Advising and Information Centers available to young people who wish to pursue college studies either in Albania or abroad. These centers have been established by OSFA to help Albanian youngsters make informed choices about their educational paths. The centers are now operating as autonomous entities inside the Universities. They offer various courses, educational and informational services and will soon start to serve as authorized TOEFL centers.


1. University of Tirana, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Building B, First Floor, Tirana
2. University of Shkoder, Faculty of Social Sciences, Fifth Floor, Shkoder
3. University of Vlora, Faculty of Social Sciences, Third Floor, Vlora
4. University of Elbasan, Main Corpus, Second Floor, Elbasan
5. University of Korca, Building 1, Fifth Floor, Korca
6. University of Gjirokaster in the city of Gjirokaster