In 2003 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania approved the strategy “Improving the Living Conditions of the Roma Population in Albania” which defines objectives and foresees concrete action in the following fields:

- Education and awareness;
- Cultural heritage and family;
- Economy, employment, poverty reduction and social protection;
- Health and infrastructure;
- Public order, justice, civil service.

In the year 2005, OSFA launched the monitoring of implementation steps planned under this strategy. Through a thorough analysis conducted by specialized experts with OSFA funding based on the expertise of the Albanian Helsinki Committee and the Center for Protection of Children’s Rights, achievements under the strategy were assessed as per objectives, monitorable indicators, budget allocation, timelines and performance of the responsible institutions per each of the steps contained in the Action Plan for 2003-2005.

The working group published the findings in a Report of June 2006. The aim of the monitoring is to build awareness of the public at large with regard to achievements and weaknesses in the strategy implementation, to submit recommendations towards upgrading the Roma status by mainstreaming Roma populations into the dominant society and improving their economic and social welfare.

Following the publishing of the report, OSFA has staged an informational campaign aimed at disclosing progress under strategy implementation. Meetings and round tables will be held in particular areas of the country to discuss certain topics with stakeholders and Roma interest groups. The participants will be encouraged to cooperate together to continue the monitoring of the implementation in the future, independently of OSFA’s involvement.