With a view to assisting the Graduate School of European Studies in Albania to improve curricular content and teaching capacities, OSFA invited the expert of Special and Extension Programs at the Central European University to help design a cooperation strategy. Having researched into detail the school’s program, its teaching capacities, admission requirements and its medium and short term plans for future development, Mr. Schuet proposed that the school faculty visit the CEU where they would be assisted to design a five year strategic plan for their school.

Other activities under the OSFA intervention include:

1. Faculty development schemes;
2. Exchanges with schools of similar standing
3. Visiting lecturers from CEU
4. A Workshop on teaching methodologies at the graduate level
5. Constructing a website for the school.

The project will benefit not just the School of European Studies. Given the cross departmental character of the School, the project will improve teaching at many departments at the Universities in which the same professors teach at the undergraduate level. The experience collected in the process of implementing this project is serving as positive guide in similar interventions.