The Open Society (Soros) Foundation for Albania started to operate as a local autonomous entity in the year 1992, immediately following the collapse of the communist dictatorship, at the moment of the ushering of the democratic system in this country. From that time to the present days, in compliance with its status of a non profit organization, Open Society Foundation for Albania has supported initiatives and projects designed to contribute to the opening up of the Albanian society, the shaping and strengthening of the civil society organizations, the creation and consolidation of a modern public administration, the creation and improvement of the justice system, the revival and development of arts and culture, the empowering of women, the protection of the weak and vulnerable groups of society, the advancement of both general and higher education, etc. For about 16 years, the most successful programs of the Soros Foundation were:

The Arts and Culture Program
The Book and Information Program
The Civil Society Program
The Fellowship Program
The Public Administration Program
The Law Program
The Women’s Program
The Business Development and Economic Development Program
The Public Health Program
The Albania Education Development Program