The Network of Open Society for Albania -NOSA- represents a get-together of eight non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

The values holding the network together are:

  • Democracy and rule of law;
  • Human rights and freedoms, non-discrimination of minorities and diversity of thinking;
  • A vital civil society to monitor government and watch over the division of powers;
  • A functional market economy in which business and government are equal partners.

Following two years of preparations, NOSA became operational in January 2006 upon the initiative of and funding provided by the Open Society Institute created by George Soros.

NOSA aims to influence the formulation of strategic visions for the country’s development and the design of public policies, as well as to support civic activism towards the implementation of these visions and policies.

The network will strive to attain its objectives through:

Acting as a catalyst for public policy formulation;

  • Advocating for and supporting pressure groups to increase civic participation;
  • Mediating among/between stakeholders towards common civic initiatives.

The network represents an operational arrangement with a small-scale grant-making facility.

Transformation of “Besa” Foundation underway

Training seminar held with local government bodies on profits from EU funds

Round table on transparency in education and promotion of teacher code of ethics

Round table on state budget monitoring

Cooperation practices between business and civil society promoted

Free legal aid for the inhabitants of Gërdec

Aid to individuals displaced due to Gërdec tragedy

Lobbying on the law on the right to information under way

Public presentation of the recommending document on the electoral reform

Training courses on participatory governance

Third report on monitoring the Assembly activity presented

Monitoring of commitments
deriving from the SAA

Survey on European Integration issues

Team training and supplement production on European Integration

Dialogue required on government-proposed amendment to law on non-profit organizations


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