Lobbying on the law on the right to information under way

13 March 2008

Experts from the Albanian Foundation of Open Society (OSFA) and the Center for the Development and Democratization of Institutions (QZHDI), have worked together to prepare some amendments to the Law no 8503, dated 30.6.1999 "On the right to information on the official documents". These amendments are compliant to the advanced standards of the European legislation and wider.

The final draft was a fruit of a series of public open meetings with the representatives of the public administration, MPs, interest groups, media and the civil society and is supported by them.

Lobbying of the draft law has been another important moment that was accompanied by individual and joint meetings with the MPs of all the political forces, representatives of the parliamentary committee on information and media, parliamentary group heads and the Minister of Justice. A group of MPs from the ruling majority and the opposition shall undertake the initiative to insert the draft-law in the points of order of the Assembly.

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Lobbying on the law on the right to information under way

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