Training seminar held with local government bodies on profits from EU funds

26-27 June 2008

The European Center, a member of the Network of Open Society for Albania (NOSA), upon the support of the “Soros” foundation held in Shkodra a two-day seminar on ‘’How to apply for the EU funds’’ attended by representatives of the Prefecture and the Regional Council, municipality of Shkodwr, Vai i Dejës, Kopliku and Puka, and the commune of Shkrel, Postriba, Guri i Zi and Qerret of Puka.

The first part of the seminar was targeted at the profits of local government structures and of civil society in EU programme funds in general and in the inter-border funds, for which applications can be forwarded to the Delegation of the European Commission in Tirana and abroad. Participation in such activities as Italy - Adriatic, Italy – Albania has raised the need for a continuous assistance for writing projects, profit from them and implement them. 

The second part of the meeting was concentrated in one of the EU programmes, namely the “Framework Programme 7”, where Albania can apply and where there is a government commitment to profit from it. The organizers explained what the programme is, what does it envisage, conditions to become eligible, rules and funding schemes. The participants got a sample application form which they could fill out themselves and compare what they had done with the standards required by the European programme. After Shkodra, such training seminars shall also be held in the prefecture of Vlora, Elbasan, Gjirokastra and Korça. 


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Training seminar held with local government bodies on profits from EU funds

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