Dialogue civil society - government aiming at the reduction of informality


May 30th, 2007

The partner organisations of the Network of the Open Society for Albania (NOSA) in collaboration with the albanian government, have organised a meeting aiming at the discussion of informality, and the need to reduce it.

The organisers have noted that the informality phenomenon is spread in several fields, and the fulfilment of an anti-informality reform would require a wide political collaboration, and as such it has not to be interrupted from government changes.

The organisers have suggested, for the reduction of the informality, an enhancement in the performance of the entire economical and social system, as well as the respect of pertaining responsabilities toward the business, the state administration and the justice institutions.

The Network of the Open Society of Albania has acknowledged the government will aiming at the reduction of informality, and it expresses its offer for expertise, support and poblic oponence, as well as monitoring the entire process of the implementation of the public policies, those acting and those planned.


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Dialogue civil society - government aiming at the reduction of informality

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