The Foundation of Open Society for Albania is a non profit entity and a member of the network of Soros Foundations established and founded by George Soros.

The Foundation was created in the year 1992 to assist he opening up of the Albanian society, which had just emerged from 50 years of self imposed isolation and harsh dictatorship. At the basis of the Foundation’s activity is the open society concept according to which human knowledge is incomplete and no-one is in possession of absolute truth.

During the years of its existence in Albania, the Foundations has invested a total of 50 million dollars in a number of programs such as public administration and local governance, law, civil society, arts and culture, youth, women, public health, business development & economic reform, etc. The following represent the Foundation’s strategic priorities in the latest years of its operations:

  • Good Governance and Rule of Law;
  • Strengthening social cohesion;
  • Enhancing opportunities for the younger generation;
  • Creating a business enabling environment.

Starting from 1999, the Foundation embarked on a strategy of reducing its grant-making activities and strengthening its operational capacities. It, therefore, launched the implementation of its own projects which remained focused on good governance and civil society issues.

In the year 2003, the Foundation started preparations for creating a transformed structural and operational arrangement. The efforts materialized in 2006. Presently the Foundation is a member of the Network of Open Society for Albania (NOSA) and has already become an operational structure.


Discussing the Non Profit Law

Monitoring the National Strategy on Improving the Living Conditions of the Roma Population

Strengthening NPO capacities

The reformation of Higher Education in Albania


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