Ivote.com and civic participation in policy-making

On 15 may, the movement MJAFT made a presentation of the full workings of its project “Ivote.com” funded by the Open Society (Soros) Foundation. The essence of the project is the establishment of the internet site www.unevotoj.com aimed at providing yet another tool to increase interaction between citizens and the candidates running for Parliament and subsequently also while they are supposed to bring the people’s voice in the Albanian Parliament.

Special guests in the promotional event were Pavel Vacek, OSCE Ambassador to Albania and Ylli Bufi, Deputy Speaker of the Albanian Parliament. In his speech Mr. Vacek said that the website will contribute directly to the strengthening of the three pillars of democracy: participation, transparency and accountability. On the other side, Mr. Bufi made a number of suggestions with regard to the continuous updating of the site, the creation of on-line forums to increase civic participation, etc. Also attending the meeting were Deputies of Albania’s Assembly, senior officials of the Government of Albania and Assembly technical staff, important civil society activists, journalists, etc.

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