Monitoring the implementation of the SAA

The Network of Open Society in Albania (NOSA) undertook an initiative to monitor the process of completion of commitments undertaken from Albania in the context of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. The report prepared
by NOSA covers the period from June 2006 until September 2007 and is based on Albania’s commitments deriving from the below-listed documents:
● The Stabilization and Association Agreement;
● The European Partnership;
● The European Commission Annual Report for Albania (2006);
● The National Plan on SAA Implementation, approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania in July 2006 as a response to the European Partnership document;
● The Joint Recommendations of the Consultative Task Force Meetings

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Report on Monitoring the Implementation of the National Actionplan on Migration

The European Institute of Tirana with the Albanian Government and supported by the Soros Foundation launched on march 16th: The
Report on Monitoring the Implementation of the National Actionplan on Migration
During 2004, The Council of Ministers has undertaken the design and implementation of the National Strategy on Migration, document financed by European Commission (CARDS Program 2001) and cofinanced and assisted technically by IOM.

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Stabilization and Association Passport

pasaportaInformation featured in the passport includes:
- Albanian political reforms and processes in the framework of European integration;
- A fuller and more complete observation of and respect for human rights;
- Regional cooperation;
- Free trade exchange and European standards of production;
- Employment and employee’s rights, etc.

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Journal Europa

Gazeta Europa - nr. 4“Europe” is a monthly, printed and electronic journal designed to bring the United Europe and the European integration issues closer to the Albanian readers. The journal is published by the Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) under NOSA-s priority area of European Integration. The journal provides the Albanian reader with updated information on strategies and policies implemented by the Albanian government and society as part of their efforts to build their European future.

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