Co-PLAN works in the field of participatory habitat management/development, aiming both: sustainable developments and civil society strengthening; by providing on demand basis capacity building and assistance to communities, local (and central) governments; national and international organizations, etc.

Further, Co-PLAN intents to enhance environmental, social and economic conditions in the Albanian (Balkans and other developing/transitional economies) living centers; promoting local resources mobilization and civic initiative encouragement. Co -PLAN undertakes project preparation and implementation, carries out policy and sector studies, supports institution -building activities and organizes several events that mobilize public opinion; disseminate knowledge and innovative approaches on habitat development, urban and environmental planning and /or management, and institutional/organizational development.

C o-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development developed from a small support organization for community-based (housing and infrastructure) neighborhood development, into a reputable professional non-governmental institute working on a range of activities, such as:

  • Neighborhood and municipal planning;
  • Urban and environmental management;
  • Participatory governance and decentralization;
  • Organizational development training and advisory services.

Co-PLAN originates since 1995, and is registered by the Court of Tirana in 1997. This was reconfirmed again in 2002 according to the new law for NPOs (non-for-profit organizations) in Albania. Co - PLAN gathers almost 20 professionals from different disciplines


Inter commune cooperation at local level and regional development


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