Promoting Public debate

NOSA considers public debates and discussions to be an important tool for increasing civic participation in providing alternative solutions to the country’s life. As an implementer of the NOSA civil society strategy, the movement MJAFT staged in the period of January-June a number of public debates in Tirana and in the main towns and districts of Albania. Activities were focused on the attainment of two main objectives:

  • educating the public with the spirit and culture of debate
  • holding public debates between the citizens and decision makers.

During the period of April-May debate tours were held with hundreds of young people from the high schools of Tirana, Shkodra, Puka, Granshi, Korca, Elbasani, Gjirokastra, Saranda, Vlora, Berati, Fieri, Permeti, Kucova, Lushnja and Durresi. The activity culminated with the holding of the National Debate Tournament with the participation of the best teams represented by 30 high schools from 15 towns of Albania.

The topics of the debates included:

  • economic development versus environmental protection,
  • women participation in politics,
  • the state Matura,
  • legalization of extra legal buildings.

To hold the public debates between the citizens and decision makers a forum was created to allow the exchange of ideas between the various stakeholders all across the various strata of the Albanian population. The discussions strived to achieve the following objectives:
- building awareness and providing information to the citizens,
- increasing civic participation in the deliberation of issues concerning communities,
- narrowing the gap between the government and the citizens.


Promoting Public debate

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