The Journal “Europe”

Gazeta Europa - nr. 4“Europe” is a monthly, printed and electronic journal designed to bring the United Europe and the European integration issues closer to the Albanian readers. The journal is published by the Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) under NOSA-s priority area of European Integration. The journal provides the Albanian reader with updated information on strategies and policies implemented by the Albanian government and society as part of their efforts to build their European future. It also features important news from EU member countries. Journalists, civil society activists, academic circles, business communities and the public at large are the target readers of the journal. The materials featured are both informative and provocative in nature aiming to stir up discussions and exchanges of ideas relating to European integration issues and particularly to the challenges faced by Albania. The journal is structured in very readable and pleasant sections: editorial, EU news, developments in the Balkan region, Albanian and the European integration issues, perceptions and realities, commentaries, interviews, analysis and curiosities from the EU.

Appearing on the last day of every month, “Europe” has successfully produced its sixth issue. With a print run of 10-15 thousand copies, it has 13 A3 pages of which four printed in colors and is distributed among the central and local level institutions in Tirana and in the districts, in higher education institutions, in secondary schools, civil society organizations, in the press distribution agencies, etc. The paper is also distributed electronically to a very extensive and regularly updated mailing list.

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The Journal "Europa"

Monitoring Albania’s stabilization and association process


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