Albania has made great strides ahead with regard to good governance and the rule of law. The country has in place a modern and contemporary legal framework; the last elections were largely considered free and fair; media is generally free; the foundations of the market economy have been laid and there is increased awareness on the need to respect human rights. Nevertheless, the civil service is still far from achieving professional standards of an efficient administration; the local government units have not been sufficiently decentralized; civic participation in decision making is still low and corruption is widespread at all levels.

Decentralization, civic participation in law-making and citizen access to fair legal processes are three of the fields most vulnerable to the adverse effects of a prolonged transition process. It is precisely on these three fields that NOSA strategy for 2006-2008 will be focusing. The main objectives of the NOSA Good Governance and Rule of Law Strategy are as follows:

  • The institution of an open, participatory and effective law and decision making process;
  • Public pressure to institute a fair judicial process that honors and observes human rights and freedoms;
  • Increased civic participation in local governance through the deepening of decentralization processes.

Each of the objectives will be attained through activities like:

  • Assessment of legal and policy frameworks;
  • Monitoring of court performance through direct observations and watchdog activities;
  • Analysis and recommendations;
  • Advocacy and pressure for change;
  • Capacity building for local government and civil society organizations;
  • Pilots of successful cooperation models.

The main implementers of the good governance and rule of law program will be Co-Plan, the Institute of Contemporary Studies, the Institute for Public and Legal Studies and the Open Society Foundation for Albania. For specific issues, efforts will be made to establish and expand cooperation with other NOSA members and with organizations from the wider civil society.

To read the full NOSA strategy on civil society, click here.



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