Monitoring Albania’s stabilization and association process

The project envisages the design of two periodic reports (every six months) on the progress of the country’s integration process.

The project is primarily intended to encourage civil society discussion on the various aspects of the association and stabilization process and integration issues in general. Other objectives of the project are:

  • Strengthen civil society cohesion through its involvement in the integration processes;
  • Establish a working relationship between civil society and governmental institutions towards consolidating the contribution by civil society actors to the country’s reforms;
  • Encourage qualified capacities outside governmental structures to assist the country’s European integration efforts;
  • Assist state and civil society institutions with solutions to European integration issues;
  • Assist with the strengthening, and where it is missing, with the creation of scientific Albanian thought on Albania’s European integration processes.

The project will be implemented by the Albanian Institute for International Studies in cooperation with other actors from the civil society and non governmental organizations over a 12 month period. The conclusions made will be used as input to discussions of the Albanian Forum on European Integration (established last year as part of this project).


The Journal "Europa"

Monitoring Albania’s stabilization and association process


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