The Institute for Policy and Legal Studies (IPLS) is an Albanian non-profit, non- governmental organization, incorporated in May 1999, and based in Tirana, Albania.

IPLS is a Think Tank par excellence and is set to provide the Albanian society with objective and profound insights in legal and public policy matters.

The idea of the founders to establish an institute with a view to pool high quality resources and work for the purpose of improving the applicable legislative framework as well as recommending and lobbying policy standards started in 1997, after the turmoil caused by the implosion of pyramid schemes, and was already maturing in 1998.

At the time, the founders, most of them working for the Ministry of Legislative Reform* and thereby having the opportunity to clearly see the deficiencies of the system, came to believe that strong professional resources could be more easily pooled and managed and ideas more objectively developed outside of the government in the areas of legislative advocacy, institution building and policy analysis. That idea was embraced by the East West Management Institute (EWMI), an American NGO based in New York, which then assisted in the foundation of IPLS based upon US style governance and management standards in the framework of a USAID funded project.

As decided by its founders IPLS is to pursue a mission with two main emphases:

  • Legal – to provide non-partisan legislative advocacy support towards the creation of a legal system that better supports good governance and a functioning market economy in Albania. This is to include legal research and drafting, lobbying for legislation, strategic litigation, legal education and where appropriate building the capacities of government institutions through training and assessments, and;
  • Policy – to provide non-partisan analyses and recommendations concerning official policy agendas and their impact on the public, assist the underrepresented groups by articulating their policy options, produce and advocate alternative policies in the area of good governance including institution-building exercises aimed at enhancing the performance of government institutions and officials.


The most conspicuous achievement of the founders of IPLS is the drafting of the applicable Albanian Constitution of 1998.


Due process and human rights


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