Public debate on the need to improve environmental conditions in Albania

28 February 2006

The movement MJAFT organized a public debate with the participation of the most outspoken civil society activists in the field of environmental protection. This particular debate is part of the series of public debates planned by MJAFT as a component of its NOSA civil society involvement. The public debates offer a forum where communities and interest groups may discuss issues of priority importance in their lives. In these forums, the participants introduce their points of view and argue in favor or against a certain issue by making an impact on:

  • Educating and informing citizens;
  • Encouraging the individual’s active participation in community problem solving discussions;
  • Narrowing the gap between the government and the governed.

The discussions of 28 February focused on the existing problems and possible agreements that may be reached among the concerned actors to improve environmental situation in Albania. In addition to the expression of commitment to cooperate and launch joint action, the participants in the debate sent an open letter to the main Albanian institutions responsible for environmental issues calling for greater attention to environmental protection in Albania.

The letter contained three main demands;

  • To stop the hundreds of extra legal constructions that are springing up lately based on their owner’s expectations that they may be able to legalize them under the recent law ‘Concerning legalization, urbanization and integration of extra legal constructions”;
  • To revisit the recent draft law “Concerning some changes in the law for the restitutions and compensation of property” which proposes the lifting or drastical reduction of criteria for the restitution of property located inside protected sites and in areas harboring special cultural and historical values for Albania.
  • To ensure the participation of the public and interest groups in the process of decision making in issues that have to do with protection of the environment and conservation of protected sites in accordance with the provisions of the Aarhus Convention ratified by our Country in the year 2000.


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