Training courses on participatory governance

November 2007

Partners-Albania as a part of NOSA conducted six training courses on Participatory Governance and seven other training courses on “Participatory Governance Techniques”, in the seven cities targeted by the “I Support Good Governance” Durrës, Shkodër, Gjirokastër, Vlorë, Fier, Pogradec, Elbasan and other cities. In these sessions participated about 205 representatives of the community groups, municipality staff and members of Municipality Council. Training consisted in presenting some of the participatory governance techniques such as: Citizen Advisory Commission, Citizen Report Card, Open Meetings and Public Hearing Sessions. In most of the cities involved with the initiative, the local groups preferred using the technique of Advisory Commission, which consist in establishment of a group with experts in a specific issue.

The groups will be formalized structures that will counsel the members of theMunicipality Council and the Mayor during a certain period of time, to find solutions for the given issue. Some of the Commissions that working groups during the trainings suggested to establish (and they are currently working for) are: a Board Commission on establishment of a ‘Gender Issues Office” at the Municipality, a Board for coordinatiion of youth policies, Citizen Commission for tourism and cultural issues, Citizen Report Card on the evaluation of service provision by the Municipality etc. The training programs on Participatory Governance and Participatory Techniques are supported by OSFA - Soros.

Public presentation of the recommending document on the electoral reform

Training courses on participatory governance

Third report on monitoring the Assembly activity presented

Monitoring of commitments
deriving from the SAA

Survey on European Integration issues

Team training and supplement production on European Integration

Dialogue required on government-proposed amendment to law on non-profit organizations

Activities on the draft-law on electoral reform

Amendement proposal for the law 8503 regarding the right for information

Dialogue civil society - government aiming at the reduction of informality

Second report on the activity of Albanian Parliament is published

Monitoring of the parliamentary process of drafts law debating

Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding

Parallel vote counting

Seminar on “Improving public transportation in the region of Tirana”

Workshop: “Albania’s Interim Agreement with the EU and its effects on the Albanian Business”

Presenting the findings of the survey “Albania and the EU – Perceptions and Realities”

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