Discussing the Non Profit Law

In the context of initiatives to improve the present law concerning the non profit sector, OSFA in cooperation with Partners Albania under the program area of Civil Society have launched a project to review the law and amendments by a group of legal experts. Also, they have organized a number of round tables dedicated to encouraging an exchange of opinions towards the identification of problems and loopholes in the present legal basis governing the non profit sector.

In this context on 6 April 2006 a round table of best lawyers in the country in the area of the non profit law was organized to draw on their opinion and expertise. The basis of discussions in the round table was the assessment of the relevant legal framework conducted by the group of experts.

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The round table discussed a range of issues like the necessity of including and enacting provisions relating to equality of non profit organizations (NPO-s) in the law, certain improvements regarding NPO registration, the need to make further detailing of the provisions relating to the economic and fiscal activity of the sector, strengthening the implementation of the law in full observance of the right to organization, etc. Click here to see a summary of discussions.

The round table was conceived as an exchange between experts of the legal and economic spheres. It was followed by a number of meetings with NPO-s in Tirana and other districts during the month of May. At a later stage, work will proceed with the drafting of amendments to the law, the identification of issues that may appear particularly difficult and the design of advocacy and lobbying strategies for the relevant amendments to be approved and made effective.


Discussing the Non Profit Law

Strengthening NPO capacities

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