Stabilization and Association Passport

pasaportaAlbania’s integration into the EU is one of the three programmatic areas of the Network of Open Society Foundation for Albania. A mid term strategy (2006-2008) has been designed aiming among other things to provide information and build public understanding of the main objectives of the process of integration. An important effort towards the attainment of the objective is the latest publishing by the European Center under the self explanatory title of Passport of European Integration.

The project was conceived in the form of a printed and electronic material in the format of a passport containing information readily digestible by the wide public of the platform of Association and Stabilization and the entirety of agreements to be reached among the institutions on both sides, Albania and the EU. Information featured in the passport includes:
- Albanian political reforms and processes in the framework of European integration;
- A fuller and more complete observation of and respect for human rights;
- Regional cooperation;
- Free trade exchange and European standards of production;
- Employment and employee’s rights
- Free movement, etc.

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The Journal "Europa"

Monitoring Albania’s stabilization and association process

Stabilization and Association Passport