The European Center is an independent non governmental organization. It was founded in 1999 as a non profit entity. The Mission of the Center is to contribute to the spreading of knowledge and information in relation to European realities and to promote Albania’s European integration processes.

The Center pursues the following main objectives:

  • Provide information and spread knowledge on European realities, values and structures, including the European Union, Council of Europe, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty organization, West European Union, etc.
  • Produce alternatives and options in relations to Albania’s relations with the European structures and its European integration challenges.
  • Provide training and expertise in relation to European integration issues.

The main types of the European Center’s outputs involve:

  • Legislation reviews;
  • European integration policies;
  • Public information and awareness building;
  • Provision of expertise in relation to European Standards in the field of human rights and Albania’s progress towards approaching such standards;
  • Establishing a European Information Center;
  • Provision of education and training activities in relation to European issues and European integration processes;
  • Publishing of a European Journal.



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