Seminar on the challenges of European Integration

6 – 10 November

During the second week of November, the EuropeanCenter organized in the premises of hotel “President” in Tirana the Seminar entitled “The challenges of European Integration.” This seminar was one in a series of events organized in the context of initiatives to support European integration under the Network of Open Society Foundation for Albania.

The Seminar brought together mainly members of the public administration who are directly involved with European integration issues. Thus, representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture, Justice, Transports, Integration, etc., worked around special issues which were priory treated in the academic lectures: issues of economic and legal integration with the EU; approximating Albanian agricultural standards with EU requirements and standards, etc.
At the end of the Seminar, the European Center invited the Spanish Ambassador in Albania, H.E. Mr. Manuel Montobbio, to present the integration processes of Barcelona as a successful integration model of regional cooperation. In addition, Mr. Carlo Natale, deputy ambassador of the Delegation of EU Commission in Albania was invited to speak about the role of the public administration in the effective absorption of EU funds in the case of countries representing potential candidates.


Seminar on the challenges of European Integration

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