During these transition years the Albanian society has made great strides ahead with respect to such areas as protection of human rights, increase of civic participation, strengthening of community cohesion, support for the marginalized, lobbying activities, monitoring and improvement of governance, gender equality, achievements in the fight against trafficking and corruption, etc. Improvements have also been made in the creation of an institutional and legal framework for the non –profit sector, relations of the sector with the government, etc.

Despite these improvements, the civil society is still weak to accomplish with dignity its primary objective: to fill the space between citizens and the sate and to amortize the state’s alienation vis-à-vis the individual.

Starting from this context, NOSA has designed a three year strategy. The goal of the strategy is to develop the capacities of civil society to strengthen the citizens’ involvement and civic responsibility through the encouragement of civic action and the establishment of effective relations between the state and politics.

To achieve this goal, NOSA will concentrate on the following objectives:

  • Improvement of the legal framework for the third sector towards improving legitimacy, accountability and the image of the nonprofit/non governmental sector;
  • Increase of civic participation in policy and decision making.
  • Strengthening the sustainability of the sector through the transfer of ownership of the civil society sector from foreign donations to local sources.

The achievement of these objectives will produce the following outputs:

  • Increased inner capacities of organizations with regard to advocating, monitoring and lobbying as demonstrated by the impact brought on the formulation of policies towards the improvement of the quality of life for citizens;
  • Increased independence from the politics and strengthening of integrity and credibility with the public;
  • Developed self regulating standards for non governmental and non profit organizations expected to improve the image of civil society with the public.

To read the full NOSA strategy on civil society, click here.


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