Launching of the study to improve public transport in greater Tirana

19 July 2006

On 19 July 2006, at one of the conference halls of Rogner Hotel, the advisory group met to discuss the goals and methodology of the project dedicated to analyzing one of the basic public services in the greater Tirana area, namely public transportation. The ultimate goal of the study will be to assist both central and local authorities towards improving and rationalizing the system to better serve the needs of a constantly growing population. The launching of the project met with great interest. The Ministry of Transports and the Municipality of Tirana representatives took active part in the discussions. The meeting was also attended by all heads of local government units constituting the Tirana region, as well as by representatives of the Association of Municipalities and of the Association of Communes.

The project on improving public transportation in the area of Tirana will focus on extensive research on the ground to correctly diagnose the situation and identify problems in the existing system. Another component of the project will study the legal basis and the institutional framework and how they feed into one another. The proposed methodology relies heavily on drawing input and feedback by broad based citizen groups. The study will finalize with policy recommendations which NOSA will advocate widely and lobby with the relevant authorities.

The study is part of Co-Plan’s strategy under the NOSA Good Governance and Rule of Law Program.


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